I believe in making everyday an event. As members of the American society, the life we live should be cherished and not taken for granted. As such, I believe that we should make the most of everyday. In order for me to bring this concept to my professional career, I plan to utilize my expertise and interests in marketing and events to help build brands and events for a company that will make them memorable and help to build a personable brand.

I chose marketing and events because I love being creative and I knew that I wanted to spend my career doing something that I enjoy. I love thinking outside of the box and believe that this kind of thinking is crucial in the world nowadays. There are so many things that are the same that it is important to stand out to be noticed. I can take these values and skills and apply them to my career to help companies stand out from the crowd.

So who is MThebarge and how can she help you? She is…Motivated, Thoughtful, Highly organized, Efficient, Balanced, Adaptable, Respectful, Good listener, and Enthusiastic. Let me take my qualities and passion and apply them to your business to see how we can grow together.